Cosplayer Mahesh Das:

I've been visiting all the cons and other cosplay events since last 3 years. Back then I didn't even knew that all this use to happen; I was so fascinated and overwhelmed by these guys and I thought the quickest way for me to make myself familiar with the Otakus and other Pop Culture fans is by cosplaying, which is fun in its own way. As when you cosplay; you actually live that character. After visiting Comic Con Mumbai 2014 I decided that I will also cosplay in 2015. My first cosplay was Yato from the anime Noragami.

Sanji Cosplay : Naruto

Sanji smoking
Sanji With Sign Board
Red Foot Sanji Cosplay

Ichigo Cosplay : Bleach

Ichigo Zanpakuto
Ichigo Zanpakuto 3
Ichigo Zanpakuto 2
Ichigo Vs Luffy